Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Teachable Moments

The boys and I were at the Statehouse today to advocate for a pro-homeschooling piece of legislation that was to be voted on today. We went for the pre-meeting rally with about 200 other homeschoolers asking for the return of our liberty. [Side note: we didn't get what we wanted, but November "House cleaning" is coming]

Two weeks ago, this wouldn't have even registered on my boys' radar, but since we were reading and learning about ancient Greek architecture -- we've learned about dull Doric columns, interesting Ionic, and crazy Corinthian.

While leaving out of the Statehouse's west entrance, we noticed some columns-- actually lots of columns on the three buildings within our site -- and each type of column was represented. Since this is Ben's second time through Greek architecture, I wasn't surprised that he was able to pick up on the styles so quickly, but I was tickled pink to see Luke so excited to spy each of the styles!

If your education lacked a study of the styles of Greek columns -- as mine did --, here's an e asy reference:

Look at the tops -- or capitals -- of the columns. On the far left is dull Doric -- no special decoration. In the middle is interesting Ionic -- see the two curls on each side of the column? Sometimes there are little rosettes instead of curly cues. Then on the right is crazy Corinthian -- these were not really found on the Greek peninsula nor in the islands around Greece. The craziness is composed of carved leaves -- usually acanthus leaves. The Romans really liked these -- and embellished them even more on their building facades.

Lukie was so excited to see these styles, he even used his own camera to take pictures of them. Ahhh. I love homeschooling.

Now the fun begins -- as we vacation this summer, we can play I Spy and hunt out columns on all the beautiful buildings we'll see.