Monday, June 14, 2010

Walk with me!

So I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I was offered a spot on The Old Schoolhouse's Review Crew for 2010. What does this mean? Throughout the year I'll be sent curriculum that I'll use on my three wonderful guinea pigs (and Ben thought he was the only one....) and then I'll write online reviews here at my blog. It should prove to a

dd a new dimension to our homeschooling year. I'm excited about the opportunity to add something new and exciting to our schooling.

One of the members of the Review Crew had a great idea for a Blog Walk to the new crew member's blogs. I just learned (thank you, Lexi!) that my blog as in this week's walk! No wonder I've had so many comments here! Thanks, ladies! You are bringing back life to very lonely blog; last year seemed crazy and it fell to the bottom of the To Do pile!

I really love the colors of my blog -- and I LOVE my dandelions. However, I'm experimenting with a new blog over at wordpress, because I just cannot get this blog to do some of the things I want it to do. We'll see, though, what happens as the summer progresses.

Here's the other blogs on the walk this week:

2. Alexis Green's Pink & Orange Coffee
3. Alina Neuberger's Live, Laugh, Learn!
4. Amanda Bowen's Mrs. Mandy's Musings
5. Amber Hockman's The Fantastic Five
6. amberschoessow's Refined Metals Academy
7. Amy Henn's Just A Moment in Time
8. Angela Greenwell's Providence Farm
9. Angela Richter's My Journey
10. Angie Wright's Petra School

I'm off for a stroll now!