Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God Spotting - Another way He speaks...

My latest God spotting involves the recent death of our washing machine.  It lasted almost 9 years and is the first appliance I've 'killed.'  We've just never lived in one place long enough to keep appliances for any real length of time.  Unfortunately, the washing machine died on Tuesday night last week -- not even half way through our week at Cub Scout Day Camp.  We all had to wear the same shirt everyday (a security measure to know who belonged on the property and who did not).  I decided to wash the shirts every other day, and when it died on Tuesday, I just decided we'd stink for the rest of the week!  The camp days were very long, so there was not time to shop for a machine.

Fast forward to Monday and I've finally got time to run into Home Depot, Lowes, Sears and shop online for a machine.  I decided to get a front loader (water rates are going up here), but I was not happy about the prices I was seeing -- and there are no big sales on washing machines in the middle of the summer!

I re-starting my Beth Moore Bible Study yesterday.  While watching the video lesson,  Beth had related a story about how God had communicated to her whether or not to buy a piece of property.  I decided to pray and ask God to really show me what to get and to provide an affordable machine.

Guess what I got in yesterday's mail?  A $25 coupon to Lowes!  On my second trip there in as many days, I discovered a washing machine in their clearance section -- and it has good reviews and is totally in our modest price range.  Yipee!  I'm so thankful and excited!  Yes, God used a coupon to speak to our needs. God is good all the time, and all the time...



Masters Family said...

We wanted to save money on water when we got our new washing machine too. We found one without the agitator so it still has the same water savings as a front load but is actually still a top load. We really love it and got a great deal on it. God is good ALL the time!

mrsd said...

Ask and you shall receive...He just wants us to ask;) Checking out other TOS reviewers, good blog.