Sunday, July 18, 2010

Positive Changes

Our vacation at the end of June made me realize something -- I'm missing the best days with my family.  I realize I've developed some habits that aren't the healthiest for our family nor for me, such as letting Dave take the boys on the weekend and do whatever they want.  Meanwhile, I stay home to catch up with dishes, lesson plans, emails, bill paying, etc.  They come home tired, hungry and dirty, and I meet their needs and hear a few comments hear about their day before sending them off to sleep. 

Well, that's just no fun for me.  I don't want to waste my family days with home management duties.  I want some F.U.N.

So this weekend I decided to change all that:

Aren't they all cute?  How could I trade them for --ahem-- online banking?

Dave being manly and sitting under the waterfall.  What a guy.

13 years.....

Conquered his fear of the cold and got wet!

Life is sweet.  I'm thankful to God for the wake-up call.


Tess said...

Good for you Alane!!! I'm trying (struggling and not really there yet) to get as much of my household management duties done during the week so I can have Saturdays free. You've inspired me to keep striving towards that goal!

Elizabeth said...

OH you wise, wise woman!! Funny I thought today as I sat on the couch with my new MacBook that I'm not doing my family any favours by looking up from the keyboard every now and then to interact with them... I should put the MacBook aside and join them in what they are doing!! Life is precious and short.

Blessings from a fellow Newbie : )

Masters Family said...

Loved this post Alane. So much truth! I am glad you are spending more time with your adorable family. You always inspire me. :)

Rebecca said...

It's so easy to get caught up in the 'need to get done' world and forget about the fun things that keep us refresh'd and in tune with our Father and our Family! I am so glad you had this opportunity to get out with your family! Thanks for reminding me to do the same!

Michelle Smith said...


Thanks for sharing these great photos of your family! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your family!

Denise said...

Love these pictures!
Stopping by from the Homeschool Crew~ I just realized I have not come across your blog~ just added myself as a follower!

swisher sweet said...

Word! Word! Word! Love this Alane.

Samantha said...

Smart mama! I think all moms struggle with this at times. There are certainly many things that must get done and we can't always go "play" but we must make time for the play as well. Good post and great pictures!


Linda said...

Way to go! I know it's tempting to stay home in the solitude and get some work done, but there will be plenty of years for that way too soon.

That looks like a really cool place. :)

Enjoying your blog! I'm a fellow TOS Crewer. LOL