Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Math Tutor DVDs

I was really pleased to receive Math Tutor's PreAlgebra DVD set 1 and  the Texas Instruments TI-84 Calculator Tutor for review.  Because sometimes, you just need a fresh face to explain something new.

At least in this house.

Now, I'll admit off the bat that I haven't had a chance to look much at the Calculator DVD.  We've had family issues in addition to start-of-the-school-year issues, so I've had to prioritize what I watch for my review time.  But, I have watched several of the Math Tutor's issues and have liked what I've seen.

The Basics.  The instructor for the Math Tutor DVD's certainly has the backing of impressive credentials -- this tells me he knows his stuff!

The DVDs I reviewed cost $26.99 each, but pricing is really varied depending on what you want.  Sets of DVDs are sold as well.  You can view the extensive collection of DVDs here.    I just noticed that physics is also sold as well!

The Math Tutor also has a membership area that includes forums, additional worksheets (for some of the courses), as well as access to all their videos.  Cost is $19.99 per month.

My Impressions. From watching his DVDs -- even in very basic topics -- he employs a step-by-step process that really breaks information down into manageable chunks.  Mr. Gibson makes few -- if any -- assumptions about a student's prior knowledge of the topic and starts at square one.  I appreciate this in a product that I might consider using to supplement my teachings or our math curriculum's explanations.  I think this allows the DVDs to complement nearly any math program.

I can definitely see that having these DVDs would be a big help around here.  Sometimes, my oldest son and I butt heads about math.  I like our math program (and my son isn't one who likes a lot of change) and do not want to switch, so having these DVDs as a resource could be a huge help for our family.

I will work hard to make time to review the Calculator DVD later this month or next.

If you'd like read more reviews about this product, head on over to The Crew Blog!

FCC:  I received two DVDs to preview in exchange for my honest opinion about these products.


Lindsay said...

Just came over here from the TOS board to see your review! Very good! I am a new follower of your blog too!

Rebecca said...

I love following your blog and have a question for you. Have you ever used or reviewed Math U See? If so, how would you compare this with the dvds from that curriculum?