Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11

Where were you on that day?
.....Laying on the couch at my MILs, near Boston, where we were living a the time. My oldest was 2 and got up each morning insanely I was napping and he was watching PBS Kids. My SIL called to tell me to turn on the TV.

....Tried to not cry in front of my baby. I knew the world had changed at that very moment. It was impossible not to cry.

..."Mommy," he says, "Why did that building fall down?"

....All that death. All that horror. All those innocent 2 year olds who wouldn't see their mommies, daddies, uncles, grandpas, aunts again....... I just hugged and hugged my son and cried.

.....My MIL lives over Logan Airport's flight pattern. It was SOOOOO quiet at her house without the planes flying over that the quiet was LOUD....

We will not forget... 

all those who went to work on a beautiful September morning, expecting nothing more than a usual day at the office,   
those who answered the dispacher's call and raced to help,  yet perished,
the men and women reached down into their souls and took up the banner to defend our country in the military, but did not return,

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Masters Family said...

Beautiful post Alane. It's impossible not to cry remembering that day.