Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Yuck (no, really)

Got an interesting packet in the mail a few weeks ago: Yuck. 

Yuck is an acrylic polymer (that is apparently biodegradable) that just needs water to achieve it's  Which is what you want with Yuck.

I must tell you that I get grossed out by slimey and mushy things. But God has a sense of humor and gave me boys that like slimey and mushy. So, I'm learning to deal.

My oldest, Ben, decided that Sticky Yuck had his name all over it, so that is what we started with. It was sticky. And yucky. And almost made me sick when I touched it.

But I live to tell.

The packets were sent with a science/ observation sheet to encourage science-y type discovery with the material. I thought it was a helpful sheet to encourage more than just tactile engagement with the product. I wish the sheet was downloadable -- we've lost ours and it would be nice to have!

The sample came with a two page suggestion sheet for games you can use with Yuck.  These look really fun for the youth group at church, and I cannot wait to share the Yuck samples with the middle school and high school leaders.  Can you see a group of 14-year-olds on a slip-n-slide filled with a yucky, saucy substance?  Better them, than me.  *smile*

You can order Yuck in one pound packages starting at $20.  It makes a. lot. of. Yuck.

Buckets-O-Fun carries lots of other interesting group dynamic sorts of products to encourage movements, laughing and  general fun:  finger rockets, rubber animals, 8-foot tall beachballs, and this:

I could not ignore these:   

100-inch waist underwear.  This has Youth Group Laughs written all over it.

Head on over to Buckets-O-Fun and imagine all the possibilities!

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