Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review Crew update: Math DVDs

In September I had the opportunity to review two math DVDs -- a pre-algebra from Math Tutor DVD and another for the TI-84 calculator. You can review the review I did of the pre-algebra DVD here.

Unfortunately, at that time in the school year and our family life, I didn't have a chance to watch the TI-84 DVD.  I did watch it in early October, but (sheepishly looking down at the ground) I forgot to write up my impressions of that product.

My impressions:  We're not at a place in our home education where we are using graphing calculators, but if I was, this DVD would be fantastic!   I am the type of person who reads instruction books that come with our products, but occasionally I run across an instruction pamplet with which I get bogged down with the details.   Computer and calculator manuals might fall into this category.  The DVD actually has a computer-generated calculator keyboard on half the screen, and the data screen on the other.  You can actually see what keys are being touched!  Of course, watching a DVD means you can replay and review steps that you might've missed!

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