Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hip Hip Horray, Ben! x 3

Ben's troop had a Court of Honor last night. He earned his first THREE merit badges! He really felt proud of himself. He expressed a lot of fear and hesitation about tackling merit badges -- they seemed a HUGE jump for him compared to the Webelos badge requirements. He earned Citizenship in the Nation, Wilderness Survival, and Climbing. I think Ben would be hard pressed to pick his favorite, as he did such cool things for each: visited Gettysburg and DC for the Citizenship badge (he loves history), build a natural shelter to sleep in for Wilderness Survival (in the pouring rain, no less!), and spend a couple nights at a local climbing gym. He's looking forward to earning Snow Sports this winter, Family Life, and would really like to earn coin collecting as well (just need to line up a counselor for that one).

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