Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Review Crew: The Master Ruler

What a great tool the Master Ruler is.  Patented by Master innovations, LLC, this teaching ruler is great tool for teaching the fractional components of both standard and metric measuring systems.

The Company:  Master innovatons has created a number of unique tools to help classroom teachers teach math concepts of measurement, telling time, factions and angle measurement.  The products generally involve clear plastic overlays which break down compounds into their components -- and than can be put back together!

The Products:  I received both a metric and stadard Master Ruler, the Master Ruler Workbook, and a Marvels of Measurement poster (Love the poster.  I'll be making room for it on our school room walls over Christmas break):

The rulers themselves are made from clear plastic sheets.  They are bound together with colorful rings.  Each sheet of clear plastic measures out a specific measurement.  One layer for inches, one each for 1/2 inch, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16:

On the metric ruler, there is one layer each for decameter, centimeter, and millimeter.

You can see video demonstrations of the products (for the rulers as well as clock, fraction, and angle tools) in use here.

My Impressions:  I really liked the ruler sets, and it reminded me of my sometimes failed attempts to teach the fractional inch measurements to my oldest son.  "No, Ben," I'd often hear myself say. "Not those lines.....these little ones.  Yep....Uh, no the next one over.  Yeah, that one...."    I can honestly say that these tools will make me a much better teacher of measurement for my next two sons.

After watching the measurement video, I was really impressed by the ability to use the rulers when I introduce fractions again.  I really appreciate when a product can be used more than just in one topical unit.  More bang for my homeschooling buck!

You can read more reviews at The Review Crew blog.

Thank you to Master Innovations for the opportunity to review their product.  I was sent the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest impressions of the product.  No other compensation was received.

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