Friday, January 21, 2011

God Spotting: Doing More Than I'm Capable!

It must be God.

For some reason this year, I'm feeling the personal need to take back part of my life.

See, I'm kinda one of those persons that throws herself 100% to 125% "in" to a project (or two) to the extent that I don't necessarily take care of my own needs.

Now, please do not misunderstand me:
  • Homeschooling is not just school-at-home, but a lifestyle, and I'm cool with that. That means that we try to incorporate learning and inquisitiveness in our whole day.  However, I will humbly admit at at some points in our journey, I get a little obsessive about this job of home educating our children.  And it takes over my life.   We  *might* have gone through a phase when I just researched homeschooling, and ate food.  of some sort.  that was quick to make.  and not necessarily healthy.  because if I lost my train of thought, our kids might not end up knowing quadratic equations.  someday.
  • I'm not trying to get out of homeschooling -- I'm just trying to remember ME.
So, to that purpose, I've taken up two goals so far this year (I refuse to call them resolutions, because we all know what happens to new year resolutions):

I'm on week 3 of the NHS (that UK) Couch to 5K plan. *Love* the podcast.  I should be on week 4, but I am not, and I refuse to give up because I'm a little "behind".  I'm just going to keep on going, and see what happens. 

I'm reading the Bible in 90 days, baby.  It's fast, but it's good.  I'm not knocking the read-the-Bible-in-a-year plan, but I needed something shorter term.  And since I've not ever made it through the year-long plans, I thought this might be doable.  So far, I've read 20% of the Bible (I'm in 1 Samuel this morning), and I'll finish the Old Testament by March 12 and the complete Bible by April 2.  I am experiencing God's nudges to complete my reading daily, and it's been a learning experience that I really should never give the excuse that I have no time to read the Bible.  I'm reading 12-16 chapters per day.  Sometimes at two in the morning (thank you, peri-menopausal insomnia), but I figure at least I'm using my time wisely.

I did not realize until just right now that God's impressed upon me to work on my physical health and spiritual health, and I'm able to accomplish both at the same time.  And we're eating (mostly) healthy meals.  And I'm still educating our children.  And, the house isn't "bis-gusting" as Levi used to say (bis-gusting is way worse than disgusting, in case you needed to know). I can see that I've used my housekeeping and homeschooling responsibilities as excuses in the past to not read the Bible or take care of my health.  God's proving to me that there are no acceptable excuses!

Don't you love when God inspires you to do more than you thought you could do?  How has God worked in your life so far this year?

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Amy@ MomsToolbox said...

I'm so glad you are reading the Bible in 90 Days! It is an incredible journey with so many rewards! Keep it up! :)