Thursday, January 13, 2011

I used to hang out 'round here....

Ever have life accelerate at super sonic speed? That is what I feel has happened with this whole school year! It's already January.  At different points during the fall I'd think, "man, I need to blog about that..."  then forget what I wanted to say.

So I'm going to take a stab at writing about our fall:

Cross Country.  Did I mention Ben ran on our middle school's cross country team?  I'm blessed that in our state, homeschoolers can participate in curricular, co-curricular, and sports teams (clubs, too).  That is a freedom is not always seen in each of the 50 states.  He had a great time and will participate in track in the spring.

Scouts:  In this post, I mentioned that Ben earned his first three merit badges.  He is currently working on snow sports (read: downhill skiing).  He not to disappointed to be working on that :)  Homeschool ski lessons started today.  Luke has been working with Dad to power through his Wolf requirements.  Our Blue and Gold banquet is Feb. 4, so he'll be awarded rank advancement then.  Ben's 2011 goal is to achieve Star rank.  He's almost got Second class taken care of (or so he tells me).

Church: Much has changed with our Sunday morning program at church -- all for the better.  Each child (and adult) has a Sunday school class to attend with dedicated teachers.  Dad is in the adult class, and I'm teaching the high school girls.  When they come.  Which isn't often.  It's a pretty huge difference talking with high school girls after a week spent with burps, farts, and incessant noise from My Three Sons, but I figure God knew I need to stretch myself and get out of my comfort zone.  And, I am.
A good shot with the axe!
Dave and I sawing wood together

Homeschool:  I'm going to put this in another post.

Life in General: Sometimes, Dave and I can get in a "rut" of hanging around the house and puttering.  Well, we made strides this fall to stop puttering and get doing.  Here's pictures from our afternoon watching the local university's woodman team demonstration

Karate: Luke participated in his first karate tournament.  It made for a long weekend, as all the Karate tournaments for his type of karate are held in Connecticut.  We woke up to leave at 4 *a.m.*  It was so amazing to see the black belts as they practiced and competed before the colored belts had their turn in the afternoon.  He competed in all three events:  forms, breaking, and sparring.  He came home with a second place trophy in sparring!
Growing up: Birthdays #5 and #8 were celebrated this fall.  No more babies in our household!

Home improvement:  Dave's one hour project to rid our front steps of rotten wood and replace it with Trek Decking took 3 months.  But, it is beautiful, and he was able to fix (unknown) water damage below the front door system.  Because, it isn't a home improvement project without an unknown, underlying problem.  We laugh now and say that the house might fall down in a tornado or storm or .. whatever....but the front steps are bombproof. and beautiful.

Of course, a project like this now requires that we fix the blacktop front walk, because it now looks....icky and is off-center.  But, before we take care of that, we'll need to re-grade the front yard (too steep), place a retaining wall.....yeah, it'll be a while and a lot of $$$.

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