Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God Spotting: In the Bible

Today is a day that I"ll fall behind in my Bible reading.  My oldest caught a stomach bug, I got distracted by homeschooling legislation threading its way through our state.  And today had Psalm 119 -- 170-ish verses, which I think makes it the longest chapter in the Bible (plus the other 20 ish or so Psalms to read).

My husband asks at least once a week, "Are you able to absorb anything?" since I'm ready approximately 12 pages of the Bible a day (which ranges from 10-14 or so chapters of the Bible daily;  now that I'm in Psalms, it seems to be about 20 or so chapters from this specific book per day).  What I'm getting out of reading the Bible at this pace is:

  • A feeling of accomplishment!  I've wanted to read the Bible through for over a decade, and this is the furthest I've gotten - 45% through! [yes, I realize how me-centered this reason is]
  • A sense of themes in the Bible.  Reading the amount I'm reading in the limited time I have doesn't give me much opportunity to ponder Biblical details.  I'm seeing grand themes:  God sovereignty, holiness, perfect plan in every situation, redemption, and the depravity of man desperately in need of a savior.
  • My reading in the Psalms have made me acutely aware of how absolute big, huge, gargantuan God is.  He has planned every part of the atom, every cell in every creature, every planet, star, mountain, creek and ocean......and he still answers our prayers, carries us through difficulties, and yearns to be in relationship with us.
  • I'm building an anticipation towards Jesus.  
I realize I've not uncovered anything new to a Biblical scholar or student of the Bible.  But, it has been a blessing to reflect on what can potentially be gained while sprinting through the Bible.  I'm very glad to be working toward this goal.

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