Monday, February 7, 2011

A Monday in All Her Glory

I Hate Monday Graphics

1. Ben woke up late for his paper route. Accidently set the alarm for 6pm instead of am.  I use the term "woke up" in a general sense --- he wouldn't have woken up if his dad hadn't woken him up.
2. Not only did he wake up late by half an hour, he was half an hour late finishing his paper route.  Dave tracked him down and he was no worse for wear.

3. As we are working on writing out his assignments for the week, he breaks down in tears and just wants to go back to bed.  I wrestle with this idea.  I mean, we've had company for the past 12 days, and *really* need to find normal again.  I actually planned out lessons for this week.  If he goes to bed, these plans will get totaly ruined and we'll be behind before we get started.

4. I let the kid sleep.  He's wiped out.  Besides, I might have to take a nap later in the afternoon.

5. In typical Monday fashion, Luke, my little love, performs his reading lesson as if he's never read a word in his life.  I cannot tell you how many reading programs I tried for him, but there has to be *something* out there for him.  I'm going to try ElizabethB's The Phonics Page lessons.  He can regroup in math, though!

6. Did I mention I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat.  I know where that is headed...

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