Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1. Ben spent Monday at a program called Enterprise City. After using an 8 week curriculum, a group of 40-50 kids gather for a day of running a city. There are businesses, a judge, a mayor, a bank....shops, etc. They spent six hours being professions at the City.  Our post-City exchange:
Ben's first comments after coming home from a full day of "work" at Enterprise City: "I have a headache.......I just want to watch TV........" Yes, I gave him the whole, "So, how was your day?" treatment. Ben looked at me, rolled his eyes, and turned back to the TV. Yes, I believe something was learned about The Real World today. :)
2.  On February 11, Ben called me a genius.  I plan to use this against him here-and-there for the next decade or so.  I don't care that it was in the context of hiccup cures.  He said it, and I will use it against him.

3.  Levi is going through a literal phase:
Me: Levi, pick up your room.
Levi:  I can't Mom, it's too heavy

Me (trying to get the boys working instead of putsying around):  Come on, Levi, let's go.
Levi:  Mom, we can't go anywhere, I don't have my clothes on yet.
4.  Not to be left out, Luke is on a reading jag -- yippee! 

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