Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Model Solar System

Luke wanted to pause our Sonlight Science 2 and study astronomy, and I was OK with that, so we've picked up Apologia's elementary text and are working (slowly) through it. A new addition to the program since using it with Ben way back when he was a first grader is the student notebook -- well worth the money for the convenience to have all the pages printed out. This means no excuses from me!  The extra pages with copywork, puzzles and mini-books is way more than I would've pulled together for him at this stage in my life.

We'll also combine this with free trips to the local university's observatory.  That should be a treat!

I'm looking forward to this re-launching this space adventure with my two littles.

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Masters Family said...

That sounds really cool! Max and I are space lovers. Love hearing about the awesome things the boys are learning. :)