Thursday, June 9, 2011

Becoming a Prayer Warrior for My Boys

Last week I found this ebook:

And knew I had to get it.  My biggest failure as a Christian Mom is being consistent in prayer for my children.  I've participated a little bit in a Mom's In Touch program and learned to pray God's word through this program.

Then, after learning of the book, I learned of the challenge:

I must admit that after challenging myself to read the bible in 90 days-- and being successful -- I was up for the challenge and have joined in.

It started yesterday, and I prayed for obedience and submission to authority for my three young men.  I want my boys to grow to be strong, courageous, kind, loving leaders.  I want them to be servant leaders, modeling their lives after Jesus. Obeying Him, looking to Him, seeking Him out, making the choice to submit their lives to his authority and plan.

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Mutha K said...

The book sounds great! As moms, we support our kids physical, social, and educational needs, but meeting their spiritual needs is of utmost importance. Your goals are admirable and your action steps will yield eternal results. Love you!