Wednesday, June 8, 2011


...and that's it, folks, for 6th grade and 2nd grade.

Tuesday was our state law required year end evaluation. Although we've done standardized tests this year, I don't use those for our formal/ legal evaluation. I prefer to have a portfolio review, which serves several functions:

1. A portfolio assessment is authentic.  Your child is being compared to himself.  It is a collection of his/her work throughout the year; unlike a standardized test, which gleans how a student did during a testing session (several days) on a specific set of questions which may or may not relate to material the child has learned over the course of the year.  

2. It gives me the opportunity to review what my kids have done over the year.  For example, I didn't realize the amount of math we covered this  year -- almost 3 Singapore Math books, plus a Life of Fred book.  When I'm in the thick of the school year, I don't often take time to reflect on where we've been already in the school year.

3. In completing a portfolio assessment, I take it upon myself to write out a multi-page review of our school year (similar to the evaluation reports I wrote as an out-patient speech-language pathologist).  I write goals each year for the boys, so this gives me an opportunity to review these as well as helps me gather my thoughts together for the new year.  It is also an opportunity to assess my own skills as my child's teacher and gives me goals to work on for the next year.

4.  Since our state law requires me to maintain a portfolio for 2 years, I'm complying with two aspects of our law at the same time.

5.  I don't' have much time for scrapbooking anymore, so I decided this year to be intentional about including some pictures from our school year in their portfolios.  It was fun to look through pictures and include them.  Their portfolio has become a simple scrapbook of their year.

I love working with our reviewer -- I've known her for almost 10 years! It is always encouraging to me, and I love it when the kids walk back into the house with eyes wide and ask, "Did I pass?"

Now, on to summer!

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