Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good-bye, Ruth

For the past week, I've been pawing through our school shelves looking for items to sell at our support group's used curriculum sale this week. 

Sometimes, it is just plain hard to decide what to sell and what to keep.  I will (likely) not be one of those homeschoolers who saves materials for their grandchildren -- our home just isn't that big!  My two biggest struggles are:

1. Lovies.  There are some resources we've used that will always hold a dear place in my heart, because of the memories it evokes.  An especially wonderful read aloud we shared as a family.  Some math blocks that my boys' use so creatively.  The Beginner's Bible that two of the three have read. 

2. Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda.  There are some materials I'm hesitant to part with because I should have used them! Perhaps they didn't match up with one of my boys' learning styles.  Perhaps it didn't mesh with my boys' ages at the time.  Maybe I didn't use it because I didn't feel confident enough to teach it.  Maybe we just ran out of time. 

Despite these two issues, I've amassed quite a collection of materials to sell.  The biggest is my lot of 6 years of Singapore Math curriculum.  I'm sure I've mentioned it, but as much as I love SM in concept, it really has not matched Ben's needs for years.  Mind you, he's done great with the program, but at the expense of some tears from both sides of the school desk. Ben needs more of a spiral approach to math -- something with systematic review built in (the 'built in' part is what I need).

But, as much as it didn't match up with Ben (or myself) a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  I mean, I've got a whole elementary math program!

In discussing this potential asset sale with the school principal, he asked me thoughtful questions that made me realize that if the younger boys' math program (they use Math-U-See) needs to be changed at some point, I could purchase the Standards Edition of SM, which has review built in.  Yea!  I just love the principal of our school:

I noticed another trend in my sale box:  pre-school.  This past year was a pre-K/K school year for my baby.  He has a late birthday and didn't officially make the cut off for K (not that it mattered), but in the course of the year, Levi learned to read CVC words and finished off Math-U-See's Primer level math program (a K level program).  He can tell time!  He's had an amazing year.  So next year -- officially the K year -- he'll be continuing on in reading, starting spelling, and moving on to MUS's Alpha level, where we will park until it is mastered.  But this means that most of the preK materials and resources I've had for years.......9 years all told......are unnecessary now.  We've moved beyond preK and on to bigger and better.


Good-by Ruth Beechick.  Thank you for your help in those early years of homeschooling.  You are worth way more than $2, but I'm pricing you low so that you can bless another family with young children.

Thank you, Sonlight phonics games.  We had some great times!  I'm sure you'll help someone else master their basic phonograms.

Thank you, Singapore Math.  You really have been a blessing in this house.


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I understand. I have a hard time parting with my materials as well.

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