Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Real

It is really easy to portray the wrong message when blogging. I can choose to only write about what I want to and I can flower it all up any way I want.

But I don't want to do that.

So in the interest of more transparency, I present the following:

1.  I really do not have this parenting thing under control.  Each of my children has an issue or two that we're constantly working on.  Right now, Levi is pushing the envelope with back-talk.   Some days we deal with it well, some days not so much.

2.   I have an issue or two as well {gasp!}.  I struggle with patience sometimes, a low frustration tolerance sometimes, contentment sometimes, self-control sometimes.  OK, I'll be honest:  those fruits of the spirit?
Well, let's just say I'm a work in progress.

3.  One of my goals in homeschooling my children is for them to see God's hand in all of creation -- his order, his plan, and his love  We use some tools which make God readily apparent to us-- and I'm quick to point that out.  But, I must admit that if it isn't easily handed to me, my intentions to seek Him and share Him often get lost in the mundane of life. 

4.  I can handle two or three big responsibilities at a time.  I can educate my kids and prepare 3 squares a day OR I can educate the kids and have a constant supply of clean clothes, sheets, and towels.  But rarely do all three occur in the same week.

5.  Dust is a regular visitor in our home.  I try to remember to kick it out, but I usually forget. I'm thankful we don't hacve allergies here!

6.  I like starting new routines.  It's usually day #2 that is the hard part.

7.  My kids are not homeschool prodigies.  They have academic strengths and weaknesses. The sometimes cry when the have to do their assignments.  I've been known to answer, "Because I said so" to questions about why we have to learn or study something. They don't wake up begging to start school. In fact, Mondays can be very ugly.

So, I've bared a bit of myself for now.  What myths about your homeschool have you inadvertently portrayed?


Masters Family said...

I LOVED this post Alane. It is so easy to only share the good side when we blog. When we decided to blog about our journey to become parents I made it a point to try and be completely transparent so that anyone else who is going through the same thing will hopefully be able to relate!
Love your posts, your honesty,& you!

Unknown said...

This is so true, mama!! I am a master of starting new routines - abandoning them after 2-3 days is my other gift! ;-) Looking forward to Cruising with you this year!

Debra said...

When did I write this? Oh, wait, this isn't my blog...

I could have written it though... only not nearly as well. :)

Christina said...

I identify with number 4 so much. I also like the idea of organizing via planners, workboxes, etc. but I only keep that system for a few days. Ah well - we are not alone.