Monday, August 15, 2011

2011 Not Back to School Blog Hop Week 2: Our School Space

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I spent the past two weeks getting our school room back into shape.  After school ended in June, it became The Official Family Dumping Ground for a few months.

Our room has definitely changed a lot since the last time I blogged specifically about our room here. We still have highlighter yellow walls and two white bookcases, but that is about it:

This picture (above) is what you see directly across from the door when you walk into our room.    .  On top ofthe unit is our in-box (one lot per kid) and pencil sharpener.  The top three cubbies are (from L to R):  Ben's books and notebooks, markers/ colored pencils etc. in a Sterile drawer set, and art pencils/ makers in a basket.  The middle two cubbies hold math manipulatives and library books.  The bottom two cubbies will hold our current unit's TOG resources. Dave built this cubby bookshelf two years ago.He's going to add more shelves above this. 

To the right of this unit is the former dry erase board wall:
Now it is just a blank yellow (not green) wall.  Ah.  I like it.  The blue and red pocket holders mark the kids' progress through their daily assignments.

On the far wall from the door is the space formerly used by my desk:

I got this wonderful lateral filing cabinet last spring off Craigslist.  The printer and school supplies live here.

Next to it is my newest bookshelf, which now holds mostly my teaching guides, books we haven't used yet, a reference shelf for the kids and some crates of kid stuff.  The bottom two shelves are still a work in progress.

To the left of the new bookshelf is a reading chair, which I love having in the school room. Dave actually took a nap on this chair this weekend.  I think that is the most time he's ever spent in here!

 And, finally, our same-old bookshelves.  They've been reorganized but are still pretty full.  The small drawer set to the left of the bookcases hold items for mailing, note cards, the label maker and blank DVDs.  Behind the blue curtain (I took the closet door off a long time ago) is another filing cabinet, blocks, the microsope.... hands-on things we use for learning and fun.

I forgot to take a specific picture of it, but you can see that the little school desks are gone.  We are going to just use this drop leaf table for working at.  Honestly, we learning in all corners of the house, so having a table in here is just one of the many spots one kid or another will use during the day.  I tend to spend a lot of time at the kitchen table teaching reading and spelling, but maybe this year, I'll teach from this room.

I'm planning on cutting down our huge shower-panel-turned-dry-erase-board ($12 from Home Depot) into a smaller board that we may use in here.

Next up in the Not-Back-to-School hop is My Monsters!

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Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

You have a great space! We have desks and a table, but we use our table the most. Good choice!