Monday, August 29, 2011

Cake, Not Pie-in-the-Sky

This had to be one of our best First Days of School ever, and I think I know why.....I didn't set the bar too high this year.

I didn't expect to have everything planned out perfect for myself.  That way, I wasn't disappointed in my own performace.
I didn't expect everyone to be happy about starting our school year.
I didn't expect to complete work in every subject.
I didn't expect perfect retention of math facts and other skills from last year.

By God's grace, we:

  1. Started our day with smiles because we had chocolate cake and candles for breakfast.  You read that right. Mama's off her rocker.
  2. Started with God first.  We're using Sword Fighting to memorize scripture this year.  Everyone participated.
  3. Watched a documentary about the White House for history today.  Movies always get a thumbs up from my crowd.
  4. Did a little math -- just a little.  Ben said the first part of his math (he took a Math U See placement test so we know what to do this year) was hard but it got easier as we went along.  He agreed to the analogy that he was like the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz who needed some oil to get his limbs moving. "Oil Can!" Luke and Levi practiced place value with Math U See blocks, then Luke did a practice page of math.
  5. All three boys helped me to create our new chore chart for the year.  I think they appreciated having input into the plan, and then when I had to make a few executive decisions, there was no unrest or revolting from the masses. 
  6. Everybody read to me, and I did a read-aloud to the boys.  We all love the read-alouds, and I am making intentional efforts to re-introduce that again this year.
In year's past, we've taken the gradual approach to starting school -- we start with a few subjects the first week and gradually add in more as the weeks pass. I'm sort of doing that this year, minus the pie-in-the-sky dreams that will inevitably come crashing down and leave me in a puddle of first day tears.

No tears today.

God is good.

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