Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cooking and Staying Sane -- a great {free} online tool!

This is what the web app looks like on a smart phone
My BIL designed this web app that I've been using for a year or so, and am loving it even more because I'm starting to collect my recipes for my fall meal planning.  You can use it from any smartphone browser (just bookmark it) and you can access it from any computer.  Plus, it doesn't require you to part with lots of personal information -- I think only your email address.  Oh, and it's ad free!

It preserves recipes in great form from traditional recipe sites yet still saves the webpage for a recipe, say, from someone's blog.  Very simple, very easy to use, very convenient -- especially when you are in the grocery store and realize you forgot to write down a couple ingredients -- as long as you can get a couple bars, you can look it up right there on your phone (ask me how I know this!)

This is a screen shot from my laptop.
Oh, and another thing -- you can edit the title of the recipe.  See that little pencil to the right of the recipe name?  Click that, and you can change the title!

Simple and super convenient.  Love it. 


Catherine said...

That's pretty neat. Thanks for the information. Is that the name of the app? I'll have to look for it.
I'm stopping by from the crew blog hop. Thanks for linking up! I'm already a GFC follower but I wanted to stop by and leave a hello.

Jennifer said...

One more reason to want a smart phone!