Monday, September 19, 2011

It's gonna be a Good Morning sorta fall

I'll be transparent here:  Having daily quiet time with God is hard for me to "squeeze in" because I {sometimes often} get sucked into making bad time management choices.  I have experienced the powerful changes that can occur with daily devotional time, but...., well, I could finish that thought with lots of excuses, none of them worthy, however, of skipping out on my Lord and Creator.

I heard about Good Morning Girls a few weeks ago from another Old Schoolhouse Crewbie and decided to give it a try.

Daily you read a bible passage, write it down, and make some observations, applications and end in prayer -- it's called a SOAP note.  Groups of women share their insight for accountability and encouragement.

My group is connected via Facebook, but there are plenty out there connected with other social-media tools.

In 12 weeks I'll have written out the entire book of 1 John and meditated on each verse. Awesome, eh?  I'm looking forward to having this time with my Savior.

How about you?  If you are unable to attend a IRL Bible study, what online tools have you used to meet your spiritual needs?

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Joelle said...

I have been so blessed by this as well. Morning devotion has always been a struggle too. Accountability is a great tool. Glad to meet you.