Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time is on HIS side

As usual, I'm amazed by God.

Sometimes {sheepish confession}, I've gotten a little sidetracked by the academics of homeschooling and have forgotten to focus on our most important reason for homescholing our family:  imparting our faith in our children, living it out with them on a minute-by-minute basis.

So, I'm making a conscious effort this year to begin with what is important:  God. I am using a resource called Sword Fighting to engage all the boys at the same time in scripture memorization and Bible reading as a start to our day.  We've changed up our morning routine a bit to include breakfasting at the table {instead of the counter} and while we all eat together, I read the passage of the day and we practice our sword fighting -- the word of God. 

What I've noticed is that when we are faithful to set aside time in our day for God, he is faithful to us and provides for us abundantly -- and this includes an abundance of time.  After reading our scripture passage on Tuesday and talking together, the boys spend a good 30-45 minutes drawing swords and writing our verse (Psalm 119:11) on them.  They were having fun creating decorative hilts on their swords and even translating the verse into codes Ben had created a few years ago. 

Displaying {God inspired} patience, I just let them have fun and enjoy the activity.  And I was richly rewarded by my precious Lord:   even though the boys spent a good hour working on all this, we were able to still get to all the other school work I'd assigned and with darn good attitudes to boot.

For a mama who often time feels like I've got to race against time {uh, that mama would be me} to fit in all that needs to be done some days, I'm just so grateful to God for the reminder that He is in control of it all. 

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