Monday, October 24, 2011

Crew Review: Lots and Lots of Fire Truck Songs DVD and Book set

Firetrucks, firefighters and siren noises have been part of my life for the last 12 years as each boy has passed through the fireman phase. My baby (who is now  ican'tbelieveitSIX!) has likely passed through the phase the quickest since he has older brothers who had additional interests.

But -- have no fear -- even when my baby is six-going-on-twelve, plopping in a DVD about fire trucks, firemen, and fire safety enchants and enthralls him as much as it should.

Marshall Publishing sent me their Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks and Firefighters book and  Safety Song DVD ($29.95 internet pricing - enter code TOSF1 for $10 off) for review as part of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  From their website:
Marshall Publishing and Promotions, Inc. is a multi-faceted media publishing organization. [Their] goal is to provide lots and lots of media fun for everyone through award-winning DVDs, books, CDs, CD-roms, and broadcast and internet programming that will amaze, amuse, entertain, and educate. We are an Illinois Corporation having been in business since 2007. 
I also received a copy of their DVD on George Washington Carver from their educational historical line of DVD products. (I plan on reviewing this with my 12-year-old when we get to Carver in our history studies.)

We were originally told the firetruck book and safety song DVD were for grades 4-8, but I had all three boys watch the DVD to gauge their reactions.  Both Levi and Luke could have watched the DVD multiple times without complaining.  The songs, which teach fire safety tips like stop, drop and roll and calling 911, are catchy and appeal to their ages and stages (kindergarten and 3rd). However, it was all my 12 year old could do to sit there through the songs and video.  I thought he'd be interested in how they make firetrucks (a segment on the DVD), but he prefers narrated video segments which can go into much more detail.

The book has large, captivating pictures that are good to excellent in photo clarity.  There is also a LOT of detailed information about the fires, fires safety and the careers of firefighting professionals (and the equipment they use) in the book.

I think that the range for this set is greater than 4th - 8th grades.  The DVD is a great tool for teaching fire safety to young students -- my guess is preschool up through the mid-elementary ages.  The book has such great pictures of trucks and equipment that younger students will love it because of the photos and will grow into it as they become readers interested in all sorts of facts about the fires, firefighters and equipment.  My 7th grader has picked up the book a few times to read.  I can guarantee you he'll pull out a couple of these facts in the next couple years in a trivia game of some sort and beat me!

If you'd like to hear what other reviewers thought of this product, you can read more at the Review Crew website.  You can also read what homeschool moms thought of the George Washington Carver DVD as well!

Thanks to Marshall Publishing or supplying me with free copies of the items mentioned in his review.  In exchange I have offered my honest opinion about the products.

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