Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gratitude Challenge: A Week at a Time, part 2

This week I'm thankful for:

7.  Music that brings joy to our souls. {Luke had his first guitar lesson}

8.  Our neighborhood friends.  It is such a blessing to live close to such great friends.

9.  My husband.  He's a great father and an awesome friend.  He reminds me to laugh.

10.  Family dinners.  I love sitting down together, the 5 of us, and enjoying a meal together.  I'm grateful for our health, the blessing of our food, and our love.

11.  I'm grateful for homeschooling our boys.  I'm glad Dave thought it up, and I'm glad God opened my heart to it.

12. I'm grateful for all the hard work we all did today.  Hard work feels good! (have to remind myself of that sometimes).

13. So nice to be back at church after a crazy fall football season.  I'm grateful for God not forgetting any of us.  I'm grateful for His living word that speaks to me

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