Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our School Year: First Quarter

It is hard for me to say, precisely, when the first quarter of our school year ended.  Seems like a silly think to admit, right?  Divide the number of weeks by 4 and --- whaa lah -- one quarter of the school year is done.

Since we use Tapestry of Grace, which itself is divided neatly into four units, I tend to follow it for our school year divisions.  And, since it's my homeschool, I'll divide it as I want. *grin*

I've decided to be much more intentional in looking at our goals for the year, and assessing our progress.   Here goes:

  • Levi's reading and math is coming along fine.  We've been blessed to work through several computer programs so far this school year that have been a blessing to him and his skills.  We have a game review that is coming up, and we need to buckle down and work through that more now.  He's doing well with the memory work (for history and Bible), and I just need to be more thorough in reviewing it better with all the boys. (emphasis is for my benefit).  I also need to be more organized to have his Cursive First handwriting pages ready for him, so they'll get done more consistently.
    • Luke is working through reading The Day by Day Bible.  He is doing well with it.  I've noticed that he really needs help with multi-syllable words, and I think the decoding of this type of word needs some explicit help.  So, I've dug out The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading to work through the last one hundred or so little lessons with him.  I'd also like to get him reading some more chapter books aloud to me, but right now we're using a product called Read Live for review, and I think that is giving him a challenge right now, so I don't want to overdo it.  He's doing well with math and we're making progress in spelling with 30 words/week right now.
      We've taken a bit of  break from science right now, which I'm not happy with myself for allowing it, but since we are still working on the basics, I feel that something has to give.  He loves to watch Ben's science experiments when we go for science class everyother week, so I guess I can count that for now.  But really, would I prefer to spend time working on reading or entertaining him with science right now?  My vote is for reading.
      • Ben: I still have it in the works to use Teaching the Classics.  A plan is being formulated. I haven't been very systematic in teaching note taking, but I am being more consistent in telling Ben to write stuff down as he reads.  Gotta help the poor kid with that more.  He's started taking science tests and is learning to study for them -- that's a good skill.  This week we're going to learn how to study for a unit test! And although my plan was to teach writing to him myself, he is taking an outside class and that is a huge blessing to me since I am spending more time with Luke and reading than I'd planned/ hoped.  I've adapted SWR (Spelling) so that we're working on what Ben needs to work on, so it is more challenging and less boring.  I might have to write about that at a later time.
      It's been a good first quarter, I realize as I write this all down.

      How has the first quarter of your school year progressed?  What "to do's" do you need to bold in your homeschool?

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