Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crazy Good

Here we are, Levi and I, ready to hit the slopes!
Life is a bit crazy right now.  Because of homeschool ski lessons, we are gone for a full day, and our school schedule gets squeezed into four instead of 5 days.  But we still have our TOG history group on Fridays, so really we are schooling three days a week instead of four or five.

But at this point in life and my homeschooling journey, I've realized that flexibility is key, and we just need to back off for a few weeks, and we'll be no worse for the wear.  The kids will still learn to read, master subtraction (Levi's upcoming lessons in math), learn multiplication (Luke), and figure out pre-algebra (Ben).  We're still learning to diagram sentences (Luke), and making connections in pre-Civil War America (Ben).  It will all get done.  Eventually.

So here's a quick run-down of what goin' on here:

1.  I cannot forget that the blessing of this ski season is that I get to go with!  Sadly, there are no more Mommy and Levi days, but I *do* get to ski with my sweet Levi and watch him learn.  That is a huge blessing that I am treasuring.  Here's a little vid I shot of one of Levi's runs down a green at the mountain:

And now that I'm back in east-of-the-Mississippi snow, I think I'm going to specialize in cruising down the greens and blues for the rest of my life.  My line will be "see you boys at the bottom" and they will go off to carve some turns, try the bumps, and ski the trees.  I'll take the gradual way down, working on my form, making sure I retain the original, God-given cartilage-bone connections.  Then I'll hop on the high speed quad with my boys and hear about their gnarly skiing, dude.  I can smile, say a few oh-my-goshes  and I'm-so-glad-I-didn't-see-that and you-boys-are-turning-all-my-hair-gray and whisper a few be-careful-just-a-little-for-me (Dave says we mothers say be careful to boys too much).  It'll be the perfect way to spend my mid-to-late forties and beyond.

2. Back to school.  I've made some good additions and changes to our schedule.
  • Writing.  I'm including more narration for Luke, using these great notebooking pages from Westvon Publishing.  They help me to focus on the theme for the week's history.  I'm also including more writing for Ben.  He is taking a fantastic writing class this year, but I'm wanting to have him write more for the practice of it.  I've typed up a mini-poster of IEW dress-ups, banned words and sentence openers for him to reference as he is writing up short (like only a paragraph or two right now) summaries about historical events.  
  • Spelling.  Both Ben and Luke are using BigIQKids.com for spelling during ski lessons.  I typed in their SWR word lists and they are following whatever the program tells them to do.  It is freeing me up to make sure that everything else is getting done in our shortened day.  When skiing is over, I'll give the boys another diagnostic test (they are supposed to be done monthly) to see where they are and then we'll go back to the regulary program.
3. Levi has blown my socks of with reading.  I'd be really curious to know what his reading level is, but it is really not relevant -- he reads, and reads, and reads.  He's at the point where he's totally cracked the reading code and is figuring out mulit-letter phonograms that I have not taught him yet.  I'm really going to have to get in gear when skiing is over and begin to use Spell to Write and Read with him.

4.  And for Christmas, the boys/ we received this puzzle:
They love working jigsaw puzzles, but Dave can be a bit neurotic about them.  It is good he has a job outside the house to go to, otherwise he might just sit here until it is done.  We've all had a fun time finding matching pieces.  And I love that we hare studying in detail this piece of art.

5.  Although it is harder to find time to run with school stuff.  I'm trying.  I'm on week 7 -- running 28 minutes non-stop.

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