Monday, January 30, 2012

Crew Review: Kinderbach

Kinderbach is piano and music lessons for preschool and early elementary aged students. There are 6 online levels, and each level has 10 weeks of lessons.  In each week are four lessons.  The video lessons are 5-7 minutes in length.

It can be purchased as a computer-based (online) or DVD sets of piano lessons for children ages 2-7 years:

$19.99 per month for online access to 6 levels of online video music lesson (you can print out the worksheet/ activities).
$95.88 annually

$40.45 per level for an activity package
{Each DVD has one Level of the web video. Lessons are packed with activities, games, crafts, funny characters and voices}

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The founder and human star of the videos is Karri Gregor, who has decades of music teaching experience (click on her name to read her bio).  Karri is joined by the Piano Pals:

{each animal's name begins with the letter name of one of the piano keys}

The scope and sequence of the music curriculum is quite impressive.  Music theory (from the basics of high and low, loud and soft to an introduction of chords and harmonizing) is included throughout the 7 levels. Staff and note reading is introduced.  Keyboarding is introduced.  It is really quite thorough.

You can log in here to try Kinderbach free for 2 weeks of lessons!

Our Experience:  Unfortunately, we don't have a piano keyboard right now, and I could not find one to borrow for the five or so weeks of this review.  That didn't really matter too much, because most of the beginning of weeks have been basic rhythm and keyboard introduction.  We've been clapping, tapping, and banging wooden spoons together for the past couple weeks!

I think this program is great -- it probably would have smoothed over the rough spots my oldest and I experienced when I was trying to instruct him in piano when he was but a wee 6-year-old.  At that time, I'm sure my oldest would have been fine with the animals introducing music notes and such.  My now 6-year-old (who so wants to be like is 12-year-old brother) is not so enchanted with the animal pals;  he finds them "babyish."  Regardless, he's been a willing partner to sit and watch the streaming video lessons and clap along.  In spite of his verbal dismissal of the lessons, he's pretty happy to work through them.  If only we had had a keyboard to practice on, I'm sure his enthusiasm would've been greater!

I'd encourage you to give the trial weeks a go as well as read other reviewers thoughts at The Old Schoolhouse Crew Review Blog!  Happy keyboarding!

FCC: I received an online subscription to try in exchange for my honest opinion about this product.  No other compensation was received.

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