Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crew Review: REAL Homeschool Spanish

I loved learning Spanish in high school.  I loved it when I got to the point that I was thinking in Spanish and not just trying to make literal translations from English into Spanish.

Ben has decided that Spanish is the language he wants to learn, so I was very happy to take a few weeks to work through this product.

For my review, I received the downloadable product.  WOW, was I overwhelmed a bit when I saw all that is in the file:

  1. Book
  2. Activity Book
  3. Daily Curriculum Guide
  4. Audio files
  5. and The Answer Guide 
...and then there is the free links for cultural information on their website! Phew!

There are several price options.  For digital downloads, prices range $49.95 and $59.95.  I received the $59.95 package.  Hard copy packages are $89.95 and $99.95, both offering free shipping. Please visit the E-Store for all the pricing options.

The idea behind REAL Spanish to incorporate the language into your daily routine.  Instead of looking at a textbook and focusing on reading, writing, and comprehending Spanish, this program is founded upon speaking the language.  It is meant for parents who are learning the language along side their children.  And it is specifically written for homeschooling families.  {A high school supplement is forthcoming.}

You can view a sample here or a PDF sample here.

  • Lots of resources.  I think the author of this program has nearly all learning styles incorporated into the basics of this program. Do you have a more active learner?  Use puppets! (or stuffed animals in our case).  The audio, the activity book (with lots of worksheets), or just the social aspect of using the language between family members.  This isn't just a workbook program. 
  • I love emphasis on speaking the language between family members. This program reinforces the values of family and relationship that we're working on passing along to our kids.  It works really well with a variety of ages!

  • The amount of information might be a bit overwhelming if you are accustomed to sequential lessons.  I wished the daily curriculum guide (which is included in the more expensive of the download and print sets) was more integrated into the rest of the resources.  BUT for those who don't need a curriculum guide, and just need the meat of the program, it is great that you don't have to purchase it!  Obviously, this is an area of personal preference.
  • The cultural links are great...I just wish there were more (some of the subjects have no entries yet).
As you can see, I don't think there are too many "cons."  And like I said above, if you are a linear, sequential thinker who likes lessons that are step-wise and laid out for you, this program will challenge you to think beyond your comfort zone which isn't a bad thing!

To see what others thought of the program, I'd encourage you to hop over to The Old Schoolhouse Crew page.


FCC Statement: In exchange for my honest opinion on this program, I was given an e-book copy of the materials for my own use.  No other compensation was received.

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