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Crew Review: We Choose Virtues

Transparent moment here: One of the main reasons my husband and I chose to home educate my children was to pass on the moral and religious values that are dear to us.  It is important that my children view all of creation from God's perspective, and that they see that God has a plan through history to redeem those who come to Him.

But let me tell you, I often get off track from this primary goal and get sucked into the academics of homeschooling.  A friend of mine who has the same tendency says we are more like Solomon than David sometimes.

I'm so happy to have reviewed this product.  It is amazing.  There is SO much here and having just a few weeks to review it hasn't been enough to really dig down into it.  But I want you to know that I love it!

We Choose Virtues (WCV)provides character development materials for both secular and Christian families and groups.  The creator, Heather MacMillian, developed the materials (with great illustrations from Pete Sutton) based on her own experiences working with children.  I highly recommend reading about Heather at the ABOUT page.  She has a great story.

For this review, Heather sent out these handy cards, called Virtue Clues ($5.99):

The card explains the trait, telling the child what "attentiveness" (for example) means..and what it does not  mean.  There's also a catch-phrase included to help the children memorize the meaning.  As a separate PDF, you can get a downloadable page that includes a Bible verse (using the NIrV) and Bible character that exemplifies each trait.  And best of all, each one of these attractively illustrated cards has a character challenge on the back -- I LOVE that.  This give me as a mom -- and my kids -- a tangible skill to work on during the week/ month of practice.

I was also sent a pdf version of the 50ish-page handbook ($4.99 download; $19.99 printed):

This is primarily meant for school teachers (preschool through early elementary) with classroom ideas for implementing a character-focused curriculum.  The basic message in this guide is to incorporate character into all aspects of teaching and learning.  Now, honestly, I'm pretty good at doing this in our daily life.  We talk about diligence and attentiveness a LOT here.  But there are some creative ideas in the book that I thought were fun.  For example, using some "I Spy" type activities to teach the idea of "Focus."

The third resource that I was sent was the VirtueVille Coloring book ($3.00 download):

Each virtue has a associated child who exemplifies that trait. The six children in this coloring book are adorable and I think the complexity of the coloring pages are appropriate for the targeted ages.  Sadly, I have children who do not like to color anymore.

I also LOVE that this program has plenty of self-evaluative tools so that kids and parents can assess their own character.  You can find some here (Family) and here (Youth).  These tools are free downloads -- a generous way for WCV to allow others to get a feel for their program!

We Choose Virtues has many sets of materials for different audiences.  The two that related most to my audience (homeschooling) is the Homeschooling Package ($99 - there is a faith-based version as well) and the Family Faith-Based Package ($69).  Both of these packages use the preschool-elementary resources, but do say that the resources are appropriate for ages 3-through-18 years.  How did my 12-year-old respond to the younger grade materials?  He didn't hate them but I think he would feel more comfortable with the youth materials.  I so wish there was a way to add  some of the youth materials into a homeschool/family program.

If you do have just 12-year-olds and up, please look at the Youth materials.  I love the layout of these materials!

If you need to see what is included in all the different sets, you can check out this comparison chart.

And now, are you ready for some deals?  {These are all accurate as of the date of the post}"

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Now.....I'm off  We Choose Virtues to go make a wishlist!

FCC statement:  In exchange for an honest review, I was sent the above mentioned products for free.  No other compensation was given.

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