Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sweet Memories

When my parents visited recently, they brought me a box that I've been waiting a while for:  a box of my grandmother's dishes.

These dishes give me sweet memories of holiday dinners and such at my grandparents' home.  Often there were enough aunts, uncles and cousins that we little cousins would get stuck at the end of the room and have to crawl under the table when we were excused!

I have memories of my grandmother using a --ahem!-- bra for an impromptu Santa's beard one year.  I will die an old woman with that image burned into my head!  Lest you think she was a total nut, I have the utmost respect for her:  when in her 50s she went back to school and became a LPN and complete more trainig (probably when she was in her 60s) to become an LPN who could administer medication.  She worked until she died at age 71.

Until a week before my parents arrived I was thinking:  I cannot wait to have them....but what am I going to do with them? I don't have a China cabinet {don't want one either} and my cupboards are already full of kitchen gadgets and foodstuffs. {not complaining at all -- I know I am blessed}.

Then an idea popped into my head.  Why not just use them as daily dishes?  My own dishes have dwindled down to 8 plates, zero soup bowls, and some bread-and-butter plates.  I love the pattern but --alas!-- they've been discontinued from Pfaltzgraff for about a decade now.  I've looked online to see if I could buy plates of ebay, but it isn't worth the cost for me.

Instead, I know God put it on my heart to just use the plates on a daily basis.  In just the week since I started using them, I'll be reminded of some memory and share it with the boys.  I smile as I wash the dishes. Now that she's been gone for 20 years, it just brings me joy to know that I can connect with her at this stage in my life:  boys on the cusp of teenager-hood, stretching their wings, wanting to see more, do more, and be more.  My grandmother was always an encouraging soul -- the kind to give unconditional love. 

I think a daily reminder of that is good for me.
{The Friendly Village}

It's a great pattern for a New Englander, don't you think?  It sort of goes with my country kitchen decor, too. 

What treasures have you been given from your family members?  How do you use them?


Mutha K said...

I love that the dishes stir up such warm memories of times with your grandparents. That you cherish them and use them everyday is exactly what she would want, I think. Your post is quite honoring to her. Thanks for sharing.

kelsey c. said...

i totally agree with you on USING these types of things, instead of letting them sit in a cabinet or garage in storage. Same with heirloom jewelry, etc. Wear it! Keep the memories alive!

and yes, the plates are very New England :)


Masters Family said...

LOVE this post! I totally agree with using them. My Mom and I use many of my Grandma's treasured items everyday. Such an awesome way to remember loved ones and share those memories with your family!