Monday, January 2, 2012

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

1.  Best decision ever {well, except for submitting to Jesus, saying "yes" to Dave's proposal, and having children}: Taking an extra week off for Christmas vacation.  It has been enjoyable and stress free.  All the shopping is done, the baking, and we took lots of time for fun stuff: games, movies, bowling, lunch with daddy, naps, The Muppet Show reruns.

2.  I bought my hubby a Kindle Fire.  He needed a toy.  Daddies don't get toys enough!  The only bad part about it:  I couldn't tell him for almost 2 weeks.!  I hate keeping secrets from him.

3.  Lesson learned:  only make Christmas cookies I do not like.  Otherwise, I'll be baking a replacement batch after having eaten the first batch.

4.  I decided to use this three week vacation to {re}begin running.  I just do not have the same metabolism that I used to.  I'm back to using the British NHS Couch-to-5K podcasts and began at week three.  I've been consistently running three times a week each week on vacation!  Go Me! 

5.  I've also taken the opportunity to use the 30 minutes of running as a training exercise for the boys.  They are to imagine that I'm not here and Ben is left "in charge" of the younger two.  I'm trying to discuss servant leadership with Ben  as he "babysits" his brothers.   Ben will be working on First Aid merit badge this winter, and I told Ben that when he accomplishes this, I'll be able to pay him {a little} to watch his brothers.

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Jennifer said...

You have a very encouraging list Alane. I like Ben's encouragement to finish his merit badge. Happy New Year!