Monday, February 13, 2012

A Few of My Favorite {Field Trip} Things

I love so many things about homeschooling my boys.  I love being with them all. the. time. (seriously, I do!). I love mentoring them as they grow in relationships with each other and God.  I love cuddling on the couch to watch them learn.  I love laughing with them. I love seeing cool stuff with them.

So when the Old Schoolhouse Blog Cruise topic "what is your favorite field trip?" came up, I just knew I had a few things to say about it.

You'll probably hate my answer:  I love them all.  As much as I love being at home learning with the kids, I love going out with them to learn as well.  I love the adventure of finding new places (the kids are now used to me making 2 or 3 U-turns to find the place!) And I love that with homeschooling, "field trip" is more than just two or three times a year.

Here's some of my favorites and why:

1.  I love field trips tailored to kids. We have taken a half dozen field trips to the nearest fine arts museum to participate in their Artful Adventures program.   We've requested specific, themed topics (such as Early American arts, Roman art and our next is Hudson River School art) and after a 45 minute tour, we have 45 minutes in the art studio to get hands-on with some of the techniques.

I think I especially like the art museum field trips because the kids really enjoy them.  I just want to do the happy dance when the kids respond with "yea!" after I tell them we're going to the art museum.

On our summer visit to Monticello, we signed up for the special child-friendly tour. Same tour, just with lots of kids asking great questions (and the kids were welcome to sit on the floor!).

A local symphony orchestra had a phenomenal kid's concert in the fall. Beethoven even came! Cannot wait to go back this spring.

2.  I love field trips with hands-on rooms.  They just love getting to "handle" history and science.  We're blessed to live in the general Boston area had have gone to some great places.
  • Next to the USS Constitution in North Boston is a private museum for the ship, and they have wonderful hands-on activities:  the kids can hoist sails, pretend to sleep and eat on the ship and even see if they pass the test to sign on to be an 18th century Marine or Navy officer.  We had to drag the kids out of this place!
  • Another place I had to drag the kids out of was Monticello's children's room.  It was wonderful to discover all of Jefferson's inventions!
  • Ben is not a huge lover of math, but they have an awesome room at the Museum of Science which demonstrates math concepts in a hands-on way. 
3.  I love tour guides that can adapt and include a multi-aged group.  Ben tends to be the oldest and Levi the youngest on a field trip, and I think a tour guide that can be inclusive of all ages from K through 7th is amazing.   We've been blessed to have some great guides who have been able to include everyone in the discussion.

So, my favorite field trip?  It's the one where we're all having fun and learning together.

If you'd like to hear what others think about their favorite field trips, head over to the Crew blog to read more!

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