Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Update: a bit of this and that

Weather:  It has been a busy spr-inter.  Winter came to New England three times:  Halloween (October), a bit of an icy storm at the beginning of January and then on March 1.  It felt like we were living in New Mexico again!

Sports: Finished skiing in mid-February with the homeschool program.  Luke and Ben ski way beyond my comfort level.  Levi is reading to be cut free from Mom.  He advanced two levels this winter and next year, Daddy will ski with him.  I'll be the mom cruisin' the blues with the other moms next year!

It's now spring sport registration time.  We'll need to have a family pow-wow and decide what to do for the next couple months.

School:  Everybody is flourishing in math.  I'm grateful that everyone is reading.   I'm so glad we're using Easy Grammar for Ben, and I'll switch over to EG for Luke next year (4th grade).  History is the Civil War.  I'm starting to work with Luke to be able to read some of his own history and literature books (Luke is using the Upper Grammar level TOG books since I already had them from Ben's pass-through at this level).  Ben's writing class is almost over -- the last unit is a research project on a famous writer.  They will present their research by play-acting their chosen author.  Ben is working on JRR Tolkein.

Speaking of play-acting, Ben will be debuting in his first play in May.  He's been waiting to participate in this homeschool theatre group for a number of years and finally hit the magic age of 12!

The biggest news of all is this:

Baby boy lost his first tooth!  We didn't even know his tooth was loose.  The adult tooth erupted behind his baby teeth.  He has such a tiny mouth, so we know some lucky orthodontist is going to have fun in his mouth.  His baby teeth were smashed tightly together in his lower jaw, so not only did he loose one tooth he now has three additional loose teeth!

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David said...

Awww! He's adorable. Poor baby!