Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crew Review: Amazing Science! Vol. 1

I love it when the mailman brings me manilla envelopes.  It means either a Crew Review product or another book from Amazon.  Either way, I'm happy.

But the boys love it when I pull out a DVD (which doesn't happen too often) from a manilla envelope.  And they were extremely excited to see a science experiment DVD:  

This is the first volume of a new series called Amazing Science, from the same aeronautical engineer, Jason Gibson, who brought us MathTutor DVDs last year.

Available for $19.99 as a physical product or $17.99 as a digital download, this 2-disc Amazing Science DVD demonstrates 23 experiments in electricity, physics, air pressure, magnetism, heat and more:  

You can purchase the DVD as an immediate download for $17.99 or as a physical 2-DVD product for $19.95.

As a mom who needs to plan ahead, I only had one complaint:  Jason did a great job showing which materials are needed for each experiment at the beginning of each video (including optional supplies), but I sure which I could get a printable master list of supplies needed so I could plan ahead.  My guys want to do the experimet right after watching the video!

Luke and Levi loved watching and doing the experiments:  Here's our color changing milk:

 Levi and I also lifted ice cubes out of the water with a string only.  He made a video!

Watch out, Jason; Levi might call you about making science DVDs someday! lol!

The video inspired us to keep asking questions and we set up our own mini-experiment afterwards.
My thoughts:  I love this product, and am so happy to add it to our collection.  I've gone back-and-forth over my 8 years of homeschooling with the question: Should science experiments match the subject of study or not?  {This is a debatable point for many who chose to follow The Well Trained Mind sugesttion of in-depth science study of one branch of science per year}.  I've gotten to the point in our homeschool journey that I don't care what our formal science curriculum is {astronomy right now}, I just want to enjoy in on the excitement of watching my boys discover God's amazing creation.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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