Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life is a Stage (right now) & a Bit of God Spotting

This has been quite a week for Ben.  A drum gig (his teacher's bi-annual recital for all his drum/ guitar/ rocker students) was held on Monday at an old-church-turned-bar.  It was a great experience for the whole family.  Drummers from age 5 or 6 through the teens played, sometimes with accompaniment of singers and guitarists (Ben's teacher always plays along on his base guitar, but some drummers had additional help as well).  It was adorable to see a 6-year-old sing along to his 8-year-old brother banging out a Beetles song!

Tonight, Ben had his final class for his middle school writing class.  The students had to research a famous author and then give a 1000 word monologue about the person's life in character. Ben chose Tolkien for his report:

He did such a great job remembering his lines and answering questions (in character) afterwards.  I'm thankful for his friend Jesse who let him borrow dress shoes to complete his 1950s British college professor outfit (though Dave and I agree that Ben's outfit would do equally as well for a newspaper boy hawking papers in downtown Boston in the 30s or 40s).

Next up is Ben's theatrical debut in our local homeschool play.

And here's a bit of God Spotting:  After a beautiful opening prayer, Ben told us that he prayed twice that God would help him get through his monologue.  God was so faithful (of course).  Praise you, Lord, that in moments of need, Ben is turning to You!

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