Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Super Duper Family Fun Night!

By Friday, we are all dog-tired -- especially lately.  I'm really getting another sense of the Soccer-Mom-Taxi lifestyle recently.  {Thankfully, we are not playing any sports right now, or it would be 10 times worse!}

So, when Friday hits, we like to crash on the couches, on top of one another and veg with a movie.  We recently had a Super Duper Family Fun Night because we miss each other with all of the busyness of life.

This made us happy:

Pizza:  1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni + an Athena pizza for Dave and I

Game:  Wits and Wagers Family  is still a big hit here.  Tonight the boys asked me, "Do you want to play Monopoly of Wits and Wagers?"  Monopoly is just too darn long of a game. Besides, it just isn't as fair to Luke and Levi. Wits and Wagers is the perfect length game and we can all be competitive.

Then it's.....

Movie!  We're in a Pirates of the Caribbean phase right now.

I had planned to make popcorn for the movie -- a nice treat.  But then I decided that family night needed to be Super Duper, so I made these:

And I scored big Greatest Mom points.

It was awesome to cuddle up with all my men and enjoy such a great night. {Please ignore the exhauted mom who fell asleep 15 min. after the movie started.}

I am richly blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are still loving Wits & Wagers Family! Thx for the shout out.

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