Monday, May 14, 2012

A Princess, a Few Goblins, a Miner & a Proud Mom

This past week was altogether hectic/ chaotic/ living-life-in-the-fast-lane crazy and wonderful.  Our area's home school theatre production of The Princess and The Goblin (a wonderful allegorical story that all Christians should read!) premiered, matinee-d {not a word, I know}, and closed to ovations.  Three performances in two days.  Phew!

Ben, his brothers, and I have been attending this group's performances for 5 or so years.  When he was very young, I told him that he would be in a play someday.  "No way, Mom!"

Then he saw a sword fight on stage, and he was hooked!

Ben auditioned for a small part (he hoped to earn a part that had no speaking part!) and was cast as an extra -- the usual role for first time thespians.  But when scripts were received and parts were counted, he ended up with a 7-line role as "Miner #2."  In the end, he was glad to have a speaking part.

{That's my miner on the left}

Being part of the cast was such a great experience at so many levels for Ben.  Luke and Levi look forward to following in their brothers' steps.  And the best thing...

...Ben wants to audition for a bigger part.

Glory to you, God!

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