Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How We Finished Our School Year: May 2012

The craziness has finally calmed down a bit, and I hope I can get back to recording our homeschool journey!  The month of May started a bit of a frenzy in our house hold.

As I posted here, Ben was in a play with a local homeschool group.  It was a fabulous experience!

I saw SO many positive aspects for participating in this endeavor:
  • Working with a wide range of peers -- from 12 year olds to 18 year old high school seniors
  • A godly, creative environment 
  • An opportunity to try something new and stretch.  Ben cannot wait to participate next year and actually WANTS a speaking role!
  • Stretching in independence
A few weeks later, Luke was baptized!  See that little head bobbing above the plants?  That's my boy!

It was really a precious day to watch him proclaim his love for Jesus and desire to follow him.  And, it was my birthday, so I couldn't imagine a more special gift!

We had some school goals to complete in May.  Our target last day of school was May 31st, and with the extra time that the play and visiting family took from our studies, we did have some catching up to do.

  • Ben completely finished General Science.  Now I need to finish grading his tests.......
  • Ben finished all but the last 10 words from the Spell to Write and Read lists.  He has a few troublesome words that he gets hung up on, but we're going to institute an online spelling program to help reinforce correct spelling of higher level words.  He's also going to use Critical Thinking's Word Roots B1 next year.
  • He is nearly halfway through pre-Algebra.  It is our goal this summer to keep working through it, though we are detouring for a couple weeks to work on a pre-Algebra review product called Mastering Math Essentials.  I'll be posting about it in July so be sure to watch for it.
  • Ben finished his grammar program -- Easy Grammar 6.  I need to decide which of the Easy Grammars to use with him next year.
  • Luke finished Astronomy for science (finally!) and his grammar program, First Language Lessons-3.  I've decided not to use it for 4th grade and move over to Easy Grammar 4 for him.  
  • Luke hasn't finished memorizing his multiplication tables, but we'll work on that this summer.
  • Luke is going to readreadread this summer.  We are still using a program that we reviewed last year, called Read Live.  I need to get started on that with him this week!  He's also excited to read for cash, so one of the local banks offers $10 for 10 books read. 
  • Levi ended the year reading Magic Tree House books.  He's still a little stuck on subtracting with 2s, but we'll work on subtraction more this summer.

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