Monday, July 23, 2012

Planning for Planners

 I think I might have found the perfect, ready-made planner for Ben. I saw this at Staples (there were a few different covers, but this was the best one for a male teen).

 I'm not a fan of planners that are divided horizontally with 10-15 blank lines.  That might work well for writing down homework asssignments.  But, in our homeschool, we need to have a student version of a lesson planner for the week.

 I liked how each weekday had a column, with pre-written subjects for the major classes - Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies.  We don't use those tittles, but it is workable.  Each day as three additional sections for other classes.  At the bottom of the page are blank lines with check boxes.

 Under a small Saturday/ Sunday section, there is a fun educational corner with middle school appropriate content.  The back has plenty of helpful charts (periodic table, maps and such).
 And then there are many stickers which can be used for games, field trips, quizzes.  We won't use all of them, but Ben might like some of them.

The book has monthly calendars as well as weekly (starting in August through July 2013) and there are two bookmarks can can be moved around the coil binding. It is a convenient 9 7/8 x 7 3/4 size.  and has a durable plastic cover and back (the cover is guaranteed to last for the whole school year).

 It does not have any goal setting pages, but those are pages that (when we use them), I tend to keep separate for reviewing together.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find this product on Amazon, the Staples website or even at, so I do not know if it has (already) been discontinued. Even my barcode scanners could not find pricing information for it online.

The only other ready-made planners that I've seen to consider are Apologia's Ultimate Weekly Planner {just not enough subject spots for us} and the Well Planned Day, which is a horizontally oriented planner and I do not care for that (I like boxes, not lines). Of course, I have access to The Old Schoolhouse planners, which are type-able PDFs that I can set up and print out blanks.  I'll likely be using the Old Schoolhouse materials for Luke's planner, but I wanted to find a pre-printed one for Ben.

I am looking forward to learning what Ben thinks of it.

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