Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Post #3: Breaking It Up

The second leg of our trip was a marathon drive:  we were just west of  Kansas City, Kansas and needed to get to Colorado Springs -- hopefully before nightfall, so we could see the mountains rising in the distance.

We plotted out a driving course of about  580 miles, which Google said would take us 9 hours and 3 minutes. Without stops.

Oh, did I mention that before we left, Dave and I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and that Dave decided to start a 60-day juice fast?  This might seem like it doesn't pertain to the topic of this post, but guess what happens when you juice-fast?

You need to make lots of bathroom breaks!

So, that helped to break up the drive.  a. lot.

The other thing that helped was a bet between Dave and Ben.  They each have to run one mile a day.  First one to quit owes a $20 prize to the other.  If Dave wins, Ben is buying him a big ol' breakfast.  If Ben wins, Dave hands off a $20 itunes gift card.

{No, I have no idea who will win.}

So each day we had to make sure they did their run. 

In Ohio, they ran laps at a spacious rest area:

In Kansas, Dave decided to surprise Ben and the boys and run across the Kansas-Colorado border.  So we found the town of Kanorado, Kansas and stopped there to run a mile:

 This is me driving 5 miles an hour behind Dave.  Ben and Luke are ahead of him not because he couldn't keep up, mind you.
 This is Luke just steps from adding another state to his list of been-there-done-that.

Dave, being from New England, had a hard time believing me when I told him the border between Kansas and Colorado was an actual road.  This road, going off to the left, is the border.

Another thing we did along the way was stop at short little touristy spots.  Dave mentioned something about the World's Largest Prairie dog in Kansas.  We laughed about it until he actually found it and we stopped!  

Yes, we paid the admission so we could all go see the prairie dog at Prairie Dog Town.

The owner's wife (cannot remember her name) was working that day, and she and I got to talking.  She shared with Dave and I that they hope to retire (for sale signs were posted) from their nationally recognized zoo (or whatever credential a zoo needs to have) so that she can pursue what she likes to do:  hunting.  They have had this place for 45 years!As a matter of fact, she seems to be  the person locals come to when they need to get rid of rattlesnakes.  When I asked her, "How did it come about that you started hunting rattlesnakes?" she told me that she was afraid of them, but didn't want to be, so she started learning how to pick them up, get rid of them, and manage them.  Very admirable.

The Prairie Dog

They have a huge, lighted enclosure with rattlesnakes (I thought they were fake, until the lady hit the wall -- then they started rattling!) inside, and the kids were given a small amount of animal pellets to feed the goats and animals.  Some of the animals were a little sad to see (the five- and six-legged cattle), and there weren't a whole lot of animals to see.  But, I really enjoyed speaking to the owner's wife, and it was a better pit stop than just running into a convenience store and staring down the Skittles.

We made a couple of other great driving breaks towards the end of our trip, but I'll save those for later.

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New follower here! I'm a fellow Crew Member.

We go on a few 3 week trips every year but stay with my family so it's not quite so vacation-ey! This sounds like a wonderful trip!