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2012-2013 Curricula - The Whole Enchilada Years Begin

2012-2013 Curricula

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This is our 9th official year of homeschooling.  From a previous blog post here, I'm calling these The Whole Enchilada Years because finally everyone is officially official in our state:  I've got an 8th grader, 4th grader and 1st grader!

  • History, Literature, Worldview, and Geography -  The highly anticipated Year 4 of Tapestry of Grace.  We have never studied the 20th and 21st centuries.  I put it off when Ben was in 4th grade for two reasons.  One, I just wasn't ready to begin the heavy, weighty material.  As much as he wanted to learn about World War II, I wasn't ready for hippies in the 60s, Vietnam, and the changing culture.  I know that TOG is pretty gentle about these topics in the grammar level, but I still wasn't wanting to go there yet. The second reason (and more influential) was that I had finally found a local homeschooler who had a same-aged daughter and we wanted to start a history group for accountability. 
  • Science
    • Ben - Exploring Creation with Physical Science.  We will not be meeting with others to do labs this year.  Just us.  
    • Luke and Levi are finally working through the earth science component from Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space.  Plus, we are working on critical thinking skills with Critical Thinking's  Developing Critical Thinking Through Science for now.  The boys really wanted to do a lot of science experiments (earth science lends itself to hands on activities, but not a whole lot of grammar level science experiments), so that is why the Critical Thinking Co.'s book. 
  • Bible  
We are using Word of Life ministy's Quiet Time books. They have a student (teen) book, 3rd-4th grade book, and the adult book. Actually, I purchased them in the spring, and have the 2011-12 version of the books -- but they are not specific to any date.  Here's a picture of their grade 1-2 books:  
  • Grammar
    • Ben is using Fix-It by IEW.  I'm glad for this new approach.
    • Luke is giving Winston Grammar a try.
    • Levi is using Critical Thinking's Language Smarts B for something new. 
  • Writing
    • Ben:  He completed an intensive week reviewing IEW's Student Writing Intensive B the first week of school.  Now we will work through the Continuation Course B for the year. 
    • Luke and Levi are using WriteShop products this year.  I think it is going to be fun for them! They are also going to make lapbooks to summarize what they learn about history this year.
  • Math
    • We are a Math U See house.  Ben finishes Pre-Algebra, Luke finishes Gamma, and Levi finishes Alpha.  Then, they move on to the next book.Luke will use Math U See Beta and Gamma.
    • Levi will use Math U See Alpha.  
  • Language Arts
    • Luke and Levi use Spell to Write and Read for spelling again this year.
    • Ben is sharpening spelling with Vocabulary Spelling City.
    • Luke is using some books for reading comprehension.   
    • Levi is reading the Pathway Readers with me.  He's now in the 2nd grade book!  
  • Music
    • Ben is taking drum lessons; Luke is going to participate in the elementary band program.  Levi loves KinderBach.  Music history in the 1900s.   
    • The Portland Symphony Orchestra has a great children's program and I hope to take the boys to see them! 
We are learning Spanish this year!

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