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Feeling Beeyoutiful with Mineral Makeup {Review}

I’ve wanted to try mineral makeup for a few years, but have never taken the plunge, because I have bad experiences with makeup being full of ingredients that make my Mediterranean skin break out like I was a teen-ager again.  Yes, I know you are jealous about that.
When Beeyoutiful offered up their new mineral makeup for review, I jumped up and down as much as I could for an online review request.
After receiving three samples ($1.00) of their foundation ($25 for approximately 3.9 g)from their multitudes of shades (24 shades from fair to dark), I picked this shade:
This was a good shade for my nearing-the-end-of-summer skin color, and it has transitioned well into my fall ain’t-got-no-color-anymore skin tone. 
I received this beautiful shade of eye shadow ($10.00 for .45 g):
They have 45 shades!
I also received a small zip-lock baggie sample of this multi-purpose color ($10.00} to try as a lip color:
Beeyoutiful also sells blushers/ bronzers ($16.00) that look gorgeous. These shades can also be used as lip colors.
When I received my products in the mail, I was struck at how beautifully they were packed in this copper satiny bag tied with a matching ribbon:
In addition to the mineral make ups I picked out, I also received two wonderful brushes:
{Foundation Brush, $11.00 , Combo Brush, $6.50}
A moment to tell you about the foundation brush:  it does not shed on me.  It is rose petal soft. I love it.  The End.
I also received a DVD with helpful tips on applying the makeup.  This was great, because honestly I’ve had very little tutoring in makeup application.  I learned how to use the mineral foundation dry with a technique that buffs the foundation onto my skin.  I also learned to use the makeup mixed with my moisturizer to use as a concealer or to use all over my face as a wet foundation for more coverage. I also learned to foil my eye shadow. You can find make up tips here.
All the mineral products I tried had a convenient container to help prevent using too much.  The clear case has a top on it that covers the holes (sort of like the way Kraft Parmesan Cheese dispenses).  You can shake an amount of make up into the black lid, rub the brush into it an buff it all over your face:
In the picture below, I’ve mixed the mineral foundation with my moisturizer and am applying it on my under eye circles (keepin’ it real).
I’m totally embarrassed to show you these pictures of me, but I guess I cannot expect to review makeup without showing you how it looked on me:
         {before makeup}           {with BeeyoutifulSkin makeup}
I really like how the makeup helps gently even out my skin tone without making me feel like I have a layer of frosting on my face.  It feels so light and is easy to apply. 
Not only have I learned how to apply mineral makeup, but I’ve learned a lot about how how it is made
The colors of BeeyoutifulSkin pure mineral makeup are created by the different minerals being baked at varying degrees of heat and then mixed to create the various shades and varying degrees of shimmer and shine. No dyes or fillers are used to create the array of colors and shades.
There are no fillers in this mineral make up, no gluten, and it is 100% natural.
If you want to know the exact ingredients for each of the products, you can visit the website, looks at some of your favorite colors and see exactly which minerals are used.  For example, my shade of Florie foundation had mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, and ultramarine blue.
My recommendations & thoughts:
I have really enjoyed using this makeup.  Because I tend to break out fairly easily, I was hesitant to wear the makeup more than a three days in a row.  But even at three days, I didn’t notice my pours clogging up and I didn’t notice an increase in blackheads (don’t you love all the TMI information about my complexion?).  Since wearing makeup isn’t a normal part of my daily routine, three days was about the max I could remember to wear it!  It always felt very light on my skin, which I appreciated.  It also seemed to last all day long. 
The eye color was a bit more shimmery than I typically wear, but that seems to be the style these days. 
For the sample of the eye-color-as-lip gloss, I was really pleased with the ease of mixing the mineral color with a bit of lip BALM from Beeyoutiful (which I reviewed in the winter).  It created a nice gloss that lasted through a couple cups of java.  {I will say, however, that the color was just not quite right for me.}
My only other suggestion would be for Beeyoutiful to produce a high quality true-to-color brochure which features better samples of their mineral makeup shades.  I found that screen glare, secondary light, and even the position of  my computer screen really affected my perceptions of the tones.  I’m glad that they will send samples for only $1.00 each.  Since this isn’t cheap makeup, you’ll want to know you are getting the best shades for your skin tone and lifestyle.
Beeyoutiful also sent skin care packages to some Schoolhouse Reviewers and an assortment of their health and beauty products to others.  Please see what all the reviewers thought of Beeyoutiful products by clicking the banner below:
Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.

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