Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday

October has two birthdays, and Luke's was recently.

It was the big 10!

This baby was the grouchiest baby in the evenings!
  He and I would pow pow from 10pm until 11:30 or so because he would keep his daddy and brother awake.

But in the mornings, he cuddled between his Daddy and I so sweetly.  He was particularly fond of his dad's loving arms.

He's grown into an active boy.  
Loves loves loves sports.
He reads the sports page each morning and tells us the scores of his favorite teams!
I love to watch him play soccer with his team - he shows some leadership skills as he calls out to his teammates.  

He's got a great imagination.

He is very in tune to my emotions, and knows just when I need a hug or a cuddle.

I love you, Luke.
These 10 years have gone by fast!

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