Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekly Report: Weeks 7 and 8

  • Levi had to do a writing project about himself.  Here's his self portrait:
On the inside are pages about him, his family, what he likes:

  • I have a trumpeter in the house!  He is taking lessons at the elementary school just a few miles from our house.  Luke is very happy.  He can even make a noise out of it!
  •  Our history studies have brought us to the end of WW1.  The young boys have read about flappers, prohibition, and the jazz age.  We watched a video about how to do the Charleston -- and I still plan on making them learn it.   Here's Luke's mini-book about suffrage.  Please don't correct the spelling.

  • Luke and Levi have read about caves and volcanoes for science this week.  They wanted to make a volcano, so we did.  I thought they did a great job painting it!

I think we have used the infamous baking soda/ vinegar reaction for one project or another nearly every year of our home schooling!
  • The boys' sports have taken a hit over the past week.  Endless days of rain prevented Luke from have a practice or two, and then there was one day I just could not morph myself into Superwoman and be in two places at the same time.  I tried. Ben had a week off from Cross Country to try to get some healing on his heel.  He and Dave are trying to figure out why he is experiencing pain while running (Ben runs with a mid- to forefoot gait so heel strike is not a problem).  Interestingly, Ben ran his fastest 2 mile meet this week, averaging 7 minute miles.  His new self-directed training program is to not train for a week, lol!  
  • While Ben has been learning time management for his classes (especially Spanish and History), he has gotten a bit behind in science and writing over the past two weeks.  This week he turned in his IEW writing assignment, and I thought he did a good job of using different sentences in his story.  He took my editing suggestions to heart (no tears!) and produced a nice final copy.  It really does make a difference to him when I use "editing" instead of "grading."  Wow, semantics matter.
  • I'm working with Ben on the actually practical use of his assignment book.  See, he does a fairly good job of writing down his assignments for the week, but then he forgets to look at it!  I try to get with him on Wednesday to make sure he isn't falling behind.
  • On Tuesday, I'll be teaching our history class for the dialectic students on the politics of the 1920s -- FDR's pre-presidency life, Warren Harding, and Joseph Stalin.  I am trying to squeeze in some interesting cultural history bits of information.  I found a great website about the history of food in the US.  I plan on trying to cook a 1920s meal this week:  The Food Timeline (This link is for US foods in the 20th century)

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