Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly Reports: #10-11

{I started this post several weeks ago}

There comes a point in our school-sport-scout schedule where I am just hanging on until the end.  I am at that place right now.

Ben's cross country season ends on Oct. 30 and Luke finishes up soccer in just two more weeks. It's not that their meets/ practices/ games have picked up in intensity.  There just comes a mid-season time when jobs/ chores/ activities I've been putting off for a few weeks snowballs with current demands and needs, and I feel like I am drowning.

The boys and I have put in quite a few volunteer weekends selling Boy Scout Popcorn to raise funds for their scout accounts.  We're hoping to send Luke to Cub Scout camp over the summer, and I'd like to have a nice stash of cash for him in his account that we can use towards it.  Depending on when day camp is, both Luke and Levi will probably attend day camp as well.

Aside from scouts and sports, the boys are all progressing well in their coursework.  Over the past few weeks we've learned about the prohibition and the Roaring 20s.  Ben has touched on FDR's pre-presidency, Stalin.

One of the things I make Luke and Levi do nearly every week is make a President's Page.  After looking at several and considering the resources I have here, I decided to adapt one for our early elementary needs:
I have Homeschool In The Woods Timeline figures and we use pictures of the presidents to tape on as well.

One of the casualties of school so far this year has been our read aloud.  I really want to be better about that. Also, science has been on hiatus for the past week+ because I've been feeling swamped with Life. 

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