Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Eve Party

Tonight, the boys and I are going to hook up the laptop to the TV and stream some election results.  Depending on how the results pour in, we might even get out the sleeping bags and I'll let them fall asleep to the sound of results coming in.

We subscribed to God's World News this year, and they put out a huge election e-booklet, which we'll go over tonight.  Plus, we have our C-SPAN Education electoral college map laid out, and the boys will color in states blue or red as results come in.  Then, they'll transfer the results to a simple graph I made:
Ben is going to work on fractions and percentages for me.  Our map shows which states voted Republican or Democrat in the last presidential election, so his job is going to be to tell me what percent of states stayed the same in 2012.  Hopefully, there will be some interesting results!

I'm planning on making a little spread for us:  the boys have been begging for Pioneer Woman's Crash Potatoes, we want chocolate chip cookies, and we'll probably have spaghetti and meatballs.  A weird collection of foods, but it promises to be a fun night.  I hope.

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