Friday, November 30, 2012

Field Trip: FDR Home and Presidential Library

While my parents were visiting for Thanksgiving, we ventured over to FDR's home and his presidential library.

A couple interesting facts:
  • It opened while he was still president, in 1941
  • It has not changed since then, but is undergoing renovations now.
  • Our ticket to the library will be honored throughout 2013 so that we can return and see it after the renovations are complete (a great bonus I didn't know about!).
  • A great place to lunch before or after a visit would be at the Culinary Institute of American less than 10 minutes down the road.  But not on a Saturday, as we sadly learned.
I let the boys play photographer for this trip.  Luke seemed most interested in capturing our trip:
The Library in mid-restoration

The roof of the stables

I love how Luke's point of view captures the size of the home

FDR had a fasination with the sea.  His mother's family were sailors to the East Indies.
The library
Turkey is not real, lol!

He had a hand-operated dumb waiter/ elevator that FDR used to pull HIMSELF up to the second floor.

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